Saturday, July 23, 2011

What's New

What am I working on?  Well, I think I'm working on attaining my official status as a stonelicker.  Just a few short months ago, I had only successfully completed two bezel set pieces and just the thought of another attempt practically gave me an anxiety attack.

Having recently joined the Aspiring Metalsmiths Team on Etsy, I was in awe of the beautiful stone and metalwork of my teammates.  Quite frankly, I became totally jealous of their creativity and abilities.  So, I finally decided to bite the bullet, order a few special stones, and gave myself permission to screw up.  And screw up, I did.  I turned an amethyst drusy into ametrine, dropped a gorgeous green turquoise and broke it and then charred it.  After seeking advice from my much superiorly skilled teammates and a little practice, I'm improving.

And now, I have become a stone addict.  How many loose stones does one have in her possession before she officially becomes a stonelicker?  I think I have approximately 50-60 stones laying around my studio just daring me to try to set them.  So that's what I'm working on, taking on the dares one stone at a time.  Here are the latest.


Matador Ole Necklace                              

   Check out the awesome artists below and see what they are working on.



  1. Beautiful new work!! Love them both. :)

  2. Those are fantastic! You are doing great!! I think you've achieved stone-licker status now. :)

  3. Beautiful pieces! I doesn't take long to become a stone addict, does it? I've started my collection, but I have a ways to go before I catch up with you!